To clean the planet is our goal. Will you join the challenge?

To clean the planet is our goal. Will you join the challenge?


How do we do it?

We recycle

With SOUJI, the intrinsic grease molecules
of oil no longer exist in order to be transformed in natural soap. This soap,
soluble in water, avoids the pollution that dumped oil would produce, causing
of a great loss of biodiversity and degradation of the environment.

We innovate

SOUJI is 100% innovation, we
worked more than three years to obtain the result and with have three patents
that back its exclusivity. In addition, continuous improvement is our base for
growing. We continually invest in R&D processes and we are constantly
looking for improvements to obtain a more sustainable, more efficient formula
in better formats and adapted to different sectors.

We reuse

The detergent that you obtain
with SOUJI enters into the category of ecological products according to the EU regulations.
We are 96% less polluting than a common detergent, and 98% of our compounds
come from vegetable and mineral origin. As the Toxicology and Forensic Sciences
Institute of Spain affirms, we are very biodegradable and non-polluting for the
aquatic environment.


We reforest

We believe in collaboration and
the sum of actions to reach any goal. For this reason, we have joined the Tree Nation initiative, gifting the
planting of a tree in the name of each of our clients. In this way we can all
contribute to the development of a more circular economy. 

We reduce

We work every day to offer SOUJI in containers with a minimal environmental impact, reducing the use of plastic
all that we can and fostering their reuse, with our refilling format. Our goal
is to gradually offer better formats as the market allows us. In this way, we
will reduce the pollution of oil, common detergents and traditional containers.

We respect

None of the SOUJI’s compounds has
an animal origin and we do not test on animals in any phase of the production
chain. We have the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
Certificate and we care for the origin of our raw materials and the actions of
our suppliers in carrying out our philosophy of sustainability in the entire


SOUJImeans cleanliness in Japanese. We chose this word as our company philosophy because the Japanese culture considers cleanliness as a rite in order to cast off the past while looking to the future and understand it as a healing and spiritual component.

With SOUJI we clean our water resources of a highly polluting residual in order to
give it a second life that cleans our home in a sustainable way.

Because obtaining a cleaner planet helps us to see the future with hope, focussing on the past to improve in the future.