Complete Starter Kit

€29,00 €35,00

Recommended uses


Washing clothes

The clothing will be clean, soft and with a pleasant aroma. You can use it with all types of garments, washing by hand or machine.



Mopping floors

SOUJI allows you to clean the floor of your home with a perfect finish and a fresh aroma. Apt for all types of floors.




SOUJI is multiuse and effective in all uses: it will also allow you to wash your dishes by hand or by machine and leave them impeccable.

96% less polluting than common detergents

SOUJI is the easiest, safest and fastest method to get to manage a type of waste at home, giving it a second life as a useful cleaning product.

Not only do you RECYCLE USED COOKING OIL, but you also obtain an ecological, multiuse and hypoallergenic cleaner, since it no longer pollutes. And in sustainable containers.  

In this way we close an entire cycle of circular consumption, in a way never seen before: Without toxic or corrosive substances, such as caustic soda.

In just 1 minute.

And no less important: It cleans and smells great.