About us

SOUJI originated from the insistence of Sergio
(Environmental Engineer and CEO of SOUJI) to seek an easy, fast and safe solution for recycling and revaluing used oil from the home, (from the point of origin of the waste) without having to store it or move it in order to take it to a recycling centre. This need and his entrepreneurial nature were what led him to carry out three years of research, with the collaboration of IQS, the Chemical Institute of Sarriá (U. Ramón Llull of Barcelona). Catalina (a Graduate in Marketing and Business Management and CMO of SOUJI)j oined in this process and together they began this adventure with a common aim: To create an enterprise with impact that contributes a new way of consuming, doing what was always done (soap with oil) but with the technology of today. So that together we get a cleaner world, a world more SOUJI.

The innovation of Souji and what makes it unique is the way of achieving “in situ” the self-management of vegetal oil waste.

Safe, easy and fast

Without caustic soda, or corrosive products. In only three steps and in less than one minute, ready to use.

100% Circular

Recycle, reuse and reduce. Circular economy in one minute with only one product.

100% Innovative

Unique in the planet, the SOUJI method is patented in more than 40 countries.