Be surprised by transforming in one minute, your used oil in soap /detergent/ dishwasher with a pleasant scent.


Today you can begin the change that you want for the future.

Recycle your used vegetal oil. Small gestures to make a better world.

Why use SOUJI to recycle your used vegetable oil

SOUJI is an innovative formula developed to make it easier, more responsible and safe to dispose of your used vegetable oil. .

And in addition :

It does not use sodium hydroxide:

It avoids hazardous domestic accidents.


Filter your used oil, mix, shake for 1 minute, and it is ready!


By shaking for 1 minute, you will have a soap/detergent ready to use.


SOUJI eliminates any trace of odour from the oil, it will surprise you!

Sustainable container:

100% recyclable bottle and refillable bag with 70% less plastic.

Cold preparation:

Save energy, it does not need to be heated.

Main uses of SOUJI



SOUJI is the same as the traditional homemade soap. It has many uses in cleaning your home.



With SOUJI you can mop the floor of your home with an extraordinary finish.



SOUJI can wash your clothes and those of your baby, both by hand and in the washing machine. You will be surprised!



SOUJI’s formula allows you to wash your dishes and leave them impeccable. Try it!

Ask yourself if your actions today bring you close to the future that you want for tomorrow.

How to use SOUJI

You will no longer have to continue pouring used oil down the sink drain.

Or accumulate it for months to take it to a recycling centre.

With SOUJI, quickly, easily and safely, you can reuse the used oil and obtain in exchange a soap/detergent with a pleasant, fresh scent and that is very effective.




Filter you used vegetable oil.

Once filtered, you can prepare your SOUJI soap. Find out with our calculator  the oil/SOUJI proportions that you must use.



Mix the oil with the SOUJI formula.

Mix the filtered oil with SOUJI. You will easily see how you will have prepared a soap with a pleasant scent.



Shake it for one minute.

And it will be ready to use. SOUJI is perfect for washing clothes by hand or in the washing machine and as a floor cleaner, among other uses. It will surprise you!

SOUJI converts your used vegetable oil into a soap/detergent.

Each time you throw out 1 litre of vegetable oil without recycling, you contaminate more than 1000 litres of water.

We are diminishing the future of the planet, of our children and of ourselves.

In a normal home, one disposes of approximately 1 litre of used vegetable oil every month, causing not only damage to the environment, but also to the water pipes of our homes, with the consequent economic expense. .

What differentiates us from other options?

SOUJI bases its philosophy on the concept of circular economy.
To do this, we follow the four-R rule:
Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Recover.

We are water.
And we live in a planet mainly composed of water.
Water is the basis of life.

What are our clients’ opinions?
  • The truth is that I liked it very much, I am quite frank in this sense. We have always made homemade bars of soap, but it takes nearly a week to make it, and with SOUJI you have it in one minute.

    I was surprised at how good the house smells when you mop with it, and I was also surprised by how much and nice the bottle smells no matter where you have it, it fills the whole room with the SOUJI aroma.

    -Alberto Bachiller - Create it yourself blog

  • My three-month-old daughter and I are in charge of trying it and I will tell you that it is incredible. Both by hand and in the washing machine the results are unbeatable, and in addition it has a sweet and mild perfume.

    -Carmen Pereira Anes- Mother and osteopath

  • What a great time we have recycling used oil and making our own soap at home.

    Do it yourself… a fantastic result, dear friends of SOUJI.

    -Curro Mora Jordano- Father and manager of the SMURFITKAPPA waste recovery plant

  • I tried it by chance and it really seemed magical to me, its ease of use, its results and its scent are more than surprising.

    I didn’t have much confidence, I am very satisfied. .

    -Diana Orozco Hoyos- Mother and financial adviser

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