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We know that innovation sometimes creates barriers and in our case many questions such as:

What does it smell like? How is the mixture made? can i stain my clothes? what is a measuring cup? and a grease pan? …

As what we want is to make your life easy and that together we take care of the planet without overexerting ourselves to do so. We leave you the complete starter kit, you will receive everything you need to avoid any failure when making the mixture.

As for the smell, you will only be able to check it when you have the kit, but trust us, it smells clean! You’ll love it.

Start big with SOUJI and repeat the mix over 8 times by reusing the SOUJI bottle.

You will receive at the best price:

  1.  SOUJI bottle 580ml
  2. Bag in Box 5L
  3. Measuring cup 1 L
  4. Grease pan with metal filter (meat or fish)
  5. Instructions for use in each of the containers

With the SOUJI Bottle, you can make the mixture the first time by just pouring in 200ml of used oil and shaking for 1 minute.

Once you finish it, you can reuse it as many times as you want with the 5l Bag in Box, the help of a measuring cup and the metal filter dripper.

Filter your oil every time you use it and when you want to transform it, you just have to measure the correct amount of oil/SOUJI with the measuring cup, mix it in the bottle already used, shake it again for a minute and that’s it…

  • Acquires a total of 5.58 L of product
  • Recycles a total of 1.8 L of used oil
  • Get 7.38 L of 3-in-1 cleaner (laundry detergent, floor cleaner, dishwasher)
  • 148 doses of washing machine, more in other uses.

And if you already have your own kit at home, because this sustainability and homemade recipes do not catch you new, give it to a friend so that they have no more excuses and acquire one of our simple formats, reuse the rest

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