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Refill bag

9.95  VAT included

SOUJI is a revolutionary compound that when mixed with used kitchen oil it converts instantly into soap/detergent with a pleasant scent.
With this format in a bag you can refill your Souji bottle or any bottle with a 1-Litre capacity.

  • Content 770 ml
  • You recycle 230 ml of oil
  • Without sodium hydroxide
  • Without need for heat
  • In one minute
  • Pleasant scent

Most recommended usage: Washing clothes by machine or by hand and as a floor cleaner, among others.
Soap with minimal environmental impact.
Environmentally friendly container, 70% less plastic than a common container.

Pour your refill bag into the 1-litre bottle of SOUJI, or else in any bottle of this capacity that you can reuse.
Filter your used oil, pour it in the chosen container, always leaving space to shake it properly.
Shake vigorously for one minute, and it is ready!

If you want to make a lesser amount of product, visit our web page How do you make SOUJI





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