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With SOUJI you can recycle most conventional cooking oils, such as sunflower or olive, but in no case any type of mineral oil.

It is very important that whenever you are going to use the resulting soap, shake the mixture well before each use.

  • Filter your used oil.
  • Mix with SOUJI
  • Shake vigorously for one minute!

In this very easy way, you will have your liquid soap/detergent to wash your clothes and clean your home!

If you want more information, visit our web page on how to use SOUJI.

With SOUJI you can create a multi-use soap, with a pleasant scent.

You can use it in the complete cleaning of your home. The usage most recommended by us is hand or machine washing of clothes or as a floor cleaner.

But if, for example, you use it as dishwasher liquid, its use if effective, although if you want more shine on your dishes, add a little rinse aid to each wash

No, SOUJI is a revolutionary formulation that does not use sodium hydroxide for its saponification process. Unlike the majority of the processes of soap manufacturing.

No, the soap that you generate with SOUJI has a pleasant scent and is capable of eliminating completely the bad odour of the used vegetable oil. Your clothes and your home will have a fresh, clean and lasting scent.

You can verify its pleasant scent from the moment in which you shake and obtain the product, but it should be mentioned that after a few minutes its pleasant scent is intensified.

The liquid soap that you get with SOUJI and your used vegetable oil is composed with the least concentration of phosphates possible, thus being a soap with a minimal environmental impact and of course much less than other common detergents.

In addition, its biodegradable package and its manufacturing with quality standards and low impact guarantee you an environmentally friendly product.

SOUJI manages to leave a pleasant scent and touch to your clothing, which makes the use of fabric softener not always necessary.

You can use it if you wish, but if you eliminate it from your laundry, not only will you be saving on another product, but you will also avoid its impact on the environment. Nonetheless, always bear in mind the water hardness in the area in which you live.

With SOUJI you get 1 litre of liquid soap/detergent, you recycle 230 ml of oil and it will last you for approximately 20 machine loads.

Yes, souji is certified by Applus+ as an organic product since more than 95% of its components are of vegetable origin.

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