Filter, mix, shake and that’s it!

Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

*Does not contain caustic soda.

Easy, fast and safe

The traditional process of making soap with oil is a very old chemical process. But the Souji methodology is totally innovative and unique in the world.

The chemical reaction obtained is the same as in the traditional process, but Souji makes the difference: in just 1 minute, with no heat needed and without any risk of manipulation… You will immediately obtain a creamy detergent with an unforgetable perfume that you will love.

How can you get it? It’s very easy: filter, mix, shake and that’s it.

In just 1 minute, you will transform waste into a useful product and you will achieve a cleaner world.

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How to recycle oil and make soap with Souji

Cold filter the oil you want to reuse.

A common metal grease trap or a filter that does not allow food residues to pass through is sufficient. Don’t have one? Don’t worry: you can buy yours here.

If you use canned oil, we recommend you get a filter with a more closed pore.

You can mix oil from different sources and uses, as long as it is of vegetable origin and does not solidify easily.

Measure & Mix

Measure the correct proportions of oil and Souji, according to our measuring chart or smart calculator. Pour both compounds into the chosen bottle.

*With the bottle format you only need to pour the corresponding 230 ml of oil and make the total mixture in the bottle itself.

*With the other formats, pour both liquids into the bottle you wish to reuse.

Shake for 1 minute

Shake the mixture vigorously for 1 minute and that’s it.

You will get your Souji soap: a multi-purpose detergent for cleaning your clothes and home.

*After a few seconds of rest, you will discover its pleasant aroma.

*Before each use, it is recommended to shake the mixture again for a few seconds.

Drag the button to the desired amount and you that's it!

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Recommended uses
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The use of SOUJI as a detergent will surprise you. Your clothes will be clean, soft and pleasantly scented.

You can use SOUJI to wash your clothes and your baby’s clothes, both by hand and machine.

The use of fabric softener is optional, but remember that  in soft water, it is not necessary 😉

Floor cleaning
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SOUJI allows you to clean the floor of your home with a perfect finish and a fresh scent.

Please note that, like all homemade or traditional soaps, its use is not specific for floors with special characteristics.

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SOUJI is multi-purpose and effective in all it uses: it will also allow you to wash your dishes and leave them spotless.

Remember: less shine on your glassware does not mean less cleanliness but more sustainability 😉

A 100% commitment
  • Recycle, reuse, reduce
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Cruelty free
  • Ecological
  • Without caustic soda
  • Partnerships for reforestation
  • innovation and improvement
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Souji means cleanliness...
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