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In the simple definition: SOUJI is a liquid based on minerals and vegetables that is mixed in the correct proportions with used cooking oil and stirred 1 MINUTE, it becomes a cleaner / detergent, 96% less polluting than a common detergent, with a pleasant aroma and without any risk of loss.

The idea is born from the traditional process of making natural soap but with differences of difference:

  • It does not contain caustic soda, nor any corrosive agent.
  • Does not require an external heat source
  • The result has a creamy texture and a pleasant aroma.
  • It only takes a minute of your time.

But SOUJI is much more ...

SOUJI is a new mode of consumption. It is the only product on the market with which you can convert, in just a minute and without risks, a highly polluting waste into a useful and sustainable product.

SOUJI is innovation. The chemical process of "saponification" that occurs when mixing used oil and SOUJI, has never been achieved in this way before and its development has been more than 3 years of research, uncertainty and work.

SOUJI is sustainability. The entire project around SOUJI is focused on maintaining the concept of sustainability with the planet, as demonstrated by its range of packaging.

SOUJI is evolution. Our purpose is to improve at every step forever in line with the planet. We continue to invest in continuous research to offer a product that is increasingly perfected, with more uses and formats.

SOUJI is future. Oil is one of the most polluting waste on the planet, its impact on the aquatic environment is immense and its consumption increases every year. To avoid its mismanagement, recycling it from the source, is to contribute to having a better future.

SOUJI is cleaning. That is exactly what cleaning in Japanese means, because what we are looking for is to help all of us achieve a cleaner world, a more SOUJI world;)

Souji_mezcla_recipiente_transparente (instagram)

And who is behind SOUJI? We introduce ourselves ...

sergio y cata escaleras 3


We are Sergio and Catalina, two young entrepreneurs who, following a dream, managed to achieve SOUJI.

SOUJI was born from the mind of Sergio, who after suffering the problem of what to do with used oil at home? And see the available options and their problems. He decided to look for solutions and remembered the traditional method of making homemade soap to give this residue a second life, but he found that it also had some drawbacks ...

So he decided to invent something new that would achieve the same result, but in a much faster, easier and safer way. Adapted to the current pace of life and to all audiences.

In this way he started working and went to the IQS (Chemical Institute of the Ramón Llull University of Barcelona), fell in love with Catalina not only with his idea, but also with him;) and after 3 years of research SOUJI was born.

Now we work hard to continue growing, improving and expanding markets. Contributing a grain of sand to the cleanliness and good use of world resources. Will you help us in our challenge? Without you we can't get it.






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